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As a young Mormon, I was taught to keep a journal, and I’ve kept one more or less regularly ever since. Although I’ve gone digital now, I still have a shelf of old journals going all the way back to the 1970s.

This habit gifted me a chronicle of life details I would never remember otherwise and gave me an expressive outlet when life got confusing. I often recommend that overwhelmed people write it down – all the stuff they wouldn’t say to another person but need to get out of their heads and out into the world. Journaling taught me how translates my thoughts into the written word.

The advent of computers in the 1980s took me into business writing. Everywhere I worked, people struggled with the computer systems. So instead of explaining things over and over again, I wrote down the basics to share. Over time this became a career. Living in San Francisco in the early 1990s, I rode the waves of the Internet through dot-com boom and bust as a technical and marketing writer for scrappy startups and blue chip companies like Sprint, Charles Schwab, and Bank of America.

As a gay man, I never wanted to be much of an activist. Over time, however, I felt there was something important missing in the world – a plainspoken explanation of all we’d learned about gay people in the last decades that most people still didn’t know. One day I realized the person to create that resource was me. So I wrote the book explaining gay people that includes my own story and the story of my people.

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I’ve always had an artistic eye. I enjoyed collecting images from everywhere I could find them. Initially they came from magazines and the like, and then digital happened and everything moved online.

To see my eclectic taste, here is my Tumblr where I scavenge everything I find beautiful or inspiring:
(note: while not a pornographic site, it does include art on adult themes)

While I dabbled in art a bit, it never fully clicked. Then one day in my 40s I picked up a brush and acrylics and just started sloshing them around a canvas, and suddenly art appeared, and I liked it.

<fun art>

While most of my art was just for fun, as I was writing my book I realized it needed a bit of softening. I didn’t want it to come off like a textbook, so I started to create illustrations to illuminate the text.

The result were two kinds of illustrations. Each section has a pictorial image in a simplified woodcut style representing a timeless LGBT archetype. Then each chapter has a minimalist icon roughly derived from the visual styles of the ancient Anasazi petroglyphs of the desert Southwest.

<GE art>


My peripatetic style is a big part of who I am. I’m a wanderer. I love exploring around my home, state, and the farthest corners of the world.

Traveling is my education. Understanding humanity in all its variations is core to my understanding of the world – the things we have in common, and the ways we differ.


It is my nature to guide people along the path of life. If I see someone standing with a map out on a street corner, I stop and ask if I can help. If I see a friend lost, I do the same thing. We live in interesting times. The trick to being an effective guide, in my mind, is not to have an agenda. It’s not like I have everything figured out. So hear then advise. • both-and • Not very interested in opinions, more about solutions. • Individuals (tony and new age, George’s and God, etc) • GE, BA, etc • Heal the world, start where planted


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